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Hi girls and welcome to this year’s fashion design class. I hope you are all fans of Project Runway (and The Fashion Show) because each week you will be given challenges just like in the show. These challenges will test your design ability and you will learn to sew as we go along.

If you have any challenge ideas let me know! I have weeks worth of challenges, some involve patterns, some draping, even recycled materials. However if you have a challenge that you think the class will like tell me and hopefully we can add it.

Most of the challenges will be assigned to groups of two, I’ll switch up these groups throughout the year. Certain challenges that involve a wearable take-home piece (i.e. pajama pants) will be done individually.

Some weeks I will ask you to pick a category, celebrity, or color for the following week’s class. This helps me buy fabric for your challenge. If you ever need to change your choice you can contact me here, up to two days before the class.

By the end of the year you should (hopefully!) know how to sew, insert zippers, elastic, use a bedazzler, add trim, drape on a mannequin, and do decorative sewing.


Mondays – Ethical Culture 6th Grade Fashion Accessories Class: We will be making jewelry, scarves, headbands, skirts and other chic accessories. You will also learn how to sew using a sewing machine and by hand. Other craft methods will be used too, such as applique and bedazzling.

Tuesdays – Fashion Design for Kids in Bensonhurst:  We will be doing sewing on the machine and by hand to make skirts, pj’s, tote bags and other clothing and fashion accessory projects.

Wednesdays – Ethical Culture Fashion Runway: Each week receive a sewing and design challenge like in Project Runway.  Learn to sew, drape, design and draw like a fashion designer.

Fridays – Fashion Accessories in Williamsburg: Learn to make cute fashion accessories such as flip flops, bags, headbands and scarves.

Saturdays – Fashion Design for Teens in Bensonhurst: Learn to sew, drape, use a sewing machine, design and draw the fashion figure in the 12 week course for budding designers. No sewing experience required.

A Lil About Me

My name is Kerri Quigley, I went to Parsons School of Design (where Project Runway is filmed) and have been in freelance design ever since. I had my own clothing line for four years, it was sold in boutiques in NYC, Sweden, and Japan. The clothing was designed by me, then I would send samples and measurements to a factory in India. Fabric and trim was sent from another factory in China.

I”ve also done custom design work for Teen Vogue, Cosmo Magazine and I do a ton of apparel and toy design for dogs

A lil about Claire

Claire is a professional fashion stylist from Toronto! She’s worked with celebrities and designers to create beautiful images for magazines, commercials, and films.

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  1. September 16, 2009 9:24 pm

    OMG i love the photo from teen vouge remember it so well plus all the clothes are really cute 🙂

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